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This is the first time in six years of performing outstanding choral music in the Prescott community that we brought together some of its singers for these special choral endeavors.

Having to suspend its 2019-2020 season in early March 2020 and the following 2020-2021 season due to the dangers of performing choral music during the pandemic, the Chorale needed to stay in touch with the music we love and those we sing for. In an effort to continue that connection with our audience, and to allow singers to make music, Artistic Director, Dennis Houser, commissioned the creation of these special performances.

It was a new experience for our singers to create its first virtual choir by recording their individual voices in their living room, or office, or at a friend’s house, on an smart phone or computer. All their recordings were then sent to Assistant Director, Jacob Gilbert, who provided the technical expertise to pull it all together and produce the sound you hear of “one chorus”.


My Country Tis of Thee

Memorial Day is an important holiday in our country as we honor our military men and women who died in the service of United States. The Prescott Chorale is proud to perform this patriotic song for this Memorial Day, 2021.

“Just wonderful, very professional, inspirational! Sharing with all my friends on this special occasion.”
– Monte Anderson

“Well done friends!”
– Brian Schiff

“Very nice! Blessings our friends!”
– Mountain Reformed Church

– Denise Widtfeldt

MAY 2021
The lyrics of “America (My Country, ‘Tis of Thee)”, a favorite American patriotic song, were written by Samuel Francis Smith and has been arranged by Dan Forrest for this performance.

APRIL 2021
The wonder of music will always be one way for us to share some happiness. To that end, many people have worked to overcome the absence of in-person concerts during the pandemic and have triumphed through the digital production of music for your hearing pleasure.

Risen Today and Joyful Joyful

The Prescott Chorale was pleased to share another Virtual Choir recording with you in celebration of a most holy time of year, Easter. This is our third recording using Chorale singers who made individual recordings which were edited to become ONE extraordinary performance.

Three Talented Groups Join Together
Jacob Gilbert, Director of Music at Prescott United Methodist Church, brought together singers from the United Methodist Church, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church and the Prescott Chorale to make the music and has provided the technical expertise to bring us together for this recording, virtually.

We hope you enjoy the performance!

If Music Be The Food Of Love

The Prescott Chorale wished everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day with our next virtual performance of “If Music Be the Food of Love” by David Dickau. The Chorale has performed this work several times “live” and it has become a favorite.

Music IS the food of love – love of friends, family, and life. The Prescott Chorale is grateful for the opportunity to share our love of music with you this Valentine’s Day as we move into the spring of 2021 and look forward to singing for you, virtually today and in person in the fall.

“If Music Be the Food of Love” was commissioned for the Minnesota All-State Choir in 1998 and premiered by conductor Paul Oakley. The poem was written by Henry Heveningham in the late 17h century.

“The Lord Bless You and Keep You” by Peter Lutkin, an American composer at the beginning of the 20th century. This benediction has been a staple of a cappella choral music and includes a well-known seven-fold “Amen”.

The Lord Bless and Keep You

The Prescott Chorale wished our audience, families and friends, a warm Thanksgiving season as they joined together, safely, in small groups and “virtually”, to celebrate a time of overcoming challenges and great changes to our lives during the pandemic. This musical benediction was presented in gratitude for giving us a chance to sing again, and share the healing power of music with you.

This beautiful piece is appropriate at any time though, and we present it here for your enjoyment.

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