Prescott Chorale Singers


As we put the new 2021-2022 Season together and auditions are held (coming in July),
this roster will be updated with the new singers performing this season.

Soprano I
Sue Boyce
Therese Holladay
Sharon Killen
Vicky Oldham
Emily Spencer
Victoria Sweet
Kay Wood-Houser
Beka Woodin

Soprano II
Tricia Arnts
Marian Costanza
Charla Graves
Kandis Kilgore
Eileen Klein
Ellie Lassiter
Deborah Pernice
Kelsey Rasmusen
Sandy Stutey

Alto I
Mary Bowers
Beth Cheung
Muriel de Ganahl
Sheila Johnson
Martha Lee
Janet Moore
Anne Riggen
Kari Roller
Leslie Sanderson
Sue Stephenson
Karen Thompson

Alto II
Robin Berry
Rita Brammer
Jean Canoose
Diane Gesell
Gayle Gregory
Karen Holsapple
Annie Pursel
Lynda Rowntree

Tenor I
Dennis Graves
Meredith Hughes
Aggie Hurt
Joe Jenkins
Ann Ramsey
John Scholten
Joy Sewell

Tenor II
Peter Eldridge
Jacob Gilbert
Michael Lee
Ervie McMaster
Russ Parker

Matt Alderson
Sandy Johnson
Jim Klein
Jim Marchant
Brian Schiff
Mark Schultheiss
Carl Tomoff
Dana Wingate

Bass II
Logan Enright
Gil Holsapple
Larry Levenson
Larry McCoy
Bruce Mounsey
Lloyd Needham
Randy Phillips
Earl Poole
Ted Sayle


The Prescott Chorale remembers those singers who have died. We honor them for their love of music,
their talent and humanity, and their commitment to the the Prescott Chorale.
Tom Boelts ♦ David Burks ♦ Barbara Gilliss ♦ Beth Levenson ♦ Ben Wallace