In Memorium

Tom Boelts

Tom was a wonderful member of the Prescott Chorale, having joined in our second season of 2015. He helped anchor the bass section and was always accompanied by his lovely wife, Sandy.

In addition to singing in the Chorale, Tom was also a member of the Yavapai County Sheriffs’ Posse. Many nights he was called out to assist law enforcement, often traveling hundreds of miles to help control a volatile situation.

Tom was also a licensed realtor and he was the original builder in Williamson Valley Ranch. He built three custom homes and lived in for over 20 years.

The strength, friendship and love that flowed from Tom, were freely given by this wonderful man.

Tom, you are missed.

David Burks

David Burks came to PC from an extensive background of choral music. Not only was he a member of the Tenor section but was also a soloist on many occasions. Notably the Prescott Chorale tour to Germany in the summer of 2018.

David was also a brilliant composer. For the Christmas concert in 2018, David arranged the brass music for the traditional carol sing and an original score for brass choir. In the 2017 Christmas performance the Chorale sang his arrangement of Hodie (Today Christ is born).

David also served on the Prescott Chorale Board of Directors. He was Vice-President, served on the web-site committee, succession committee and as always, served as overseer of minutes.

One cannot describe David Burks without mentioning his beloved, faithful and devoted wife Helen. They were inseparable. While traveling with the Chorale, David gave Helen the opportunity to see and hear the world’s finest ensembles. Something that she was not able to experience before marrying David.

David’s drive, ambition and desire to compose left us with both a rich trove of wonderful music, but also with a void that could only have been filled with more of his writing.

Helen is a supporter of the Prescott Chorale’s Young Artist Program where she gives generously to encourage the future of our art. Thank you Helen!

Sometimes we wonder why such gifted people leave us so unexpectedly!

Beth Levenson

Beth was a beloved member of the Prescott Chorale, having joined us in our second season of 2015, along with her husband Larry Levenson. Beth also sang in the small group eventually named the Camerata Singers. Her vast experience as a singer was felt in both the Soprano and Alto sections where she sang for many years.

If any lessons that Beth taught us were to be remembered, her courage would be at the top of that list. During her battles with cancer, she was always optimistic and upbeat as though there was absolutely nothing that could stop her.

In her honor and loving memory, a memorial fund has been established with the Chorale to encourage young singers. The memorial was established and funded by a chorale couple in her memory.

We can still visualize Beth sitting in her section with a pencil over her right ear, singing to her Lord. She is missed by her two children, grandchildren and loving husband, Larry.

Beth your courage is a badge that we all try to wear as you did.

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